Alexander is the studio’s co-founder. He was one of the top architecture graduates in his hometown, Surabaya. Upon graduating, he took a leap forward by moving to Jakarta and eventually built his career as an architect. Before opening his own firm, Alexander was a leading architect in a well-known design-and-build company in Jakarta for 20 years. His rooted passion and love for architecture, interior design, details and art in general allow him to go deep and profound in designing a project which eventually produces ideal products of architecture, be it a house, a retail building, or institutional structures.

Fenny joins the team in 2015 as an interior designer and also holds responsibility for strategic marketing. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art and design from one of the top universities in Jakarta. Fenny first started her career as an interior designer working for one of the best consultant in Jakarta, handling interior projects that focused in furniture design. She was one the founding members of a now-famous modern-classical furniture brand in Indonesia, taking part in developing and expanding this furniture brand, including opening showrooms in premium shopping malls in Jakarta. Up to date, the furniture brand holds excellent sales rate.

Despite holding a degree in Economic Management, Rio has been taking responsibilities as our team’s 3D Visualizer since 2012. His interest and passion in architecture and design led him to take courage and move on to architecture field. Rio is an avid technology and digital use who keeps himself updated with various kinds of architecture design program and app that allow him to produce beautiful designs in forms of still images and also animations. His ability to keep himself calm while working under pressure has always brought him success in handling projects.

Stefani joined our team in 2012, taking the position of a junior architect. She holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from one of the top universities in the nation. Other than being responsible for designing architectural projects, Stefani also handles interior projects, and is actively involved in supervising the progress of her projects and coordinating with clients, contractors, and suppliers as well. Being organized, on time, and neat are her fortes. In her spare time, Stefani enjoys sketching and culinary traveling.

A young architect-in-the-making who is juggling work and college in pursuit of bachelor’s degree in architecture, Rifal reflects true passion and perseverance. He started off as a drafter in our team and steadily learns and improves up to the point where he does what a junior architect does. Through the experience of doing both professional and college work together in parallel, he admits that vast difference in those two, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the applicability of a design into an end product instead of merely on aesthetic without knowledge on construction techniques.

Taufik is responsible as the head of domestic service in our studio, making sure that the necessities and comfort of our team members are fulfilled in order to be able to be productive. His diligence is one of his strong characters other than being a delightful and highly motivated. Taufik takes part in all of our studio events and has always come out as one of the winners in each and every competition we have ever had.

Daryono is our team’s support in transportation. He helps the running of our studio by making sure that the designers are safely driven to project sites and arrive on time for meetings or surveys. His knowledge of Jakarta traffic is without a doubt important in making sure time is used efficiently.

Pamela has been with the team since day one in 2011. She holds a bachelor’s degree in applied science from an overseas university. Within the studio, she handles various architecture projects such as private residential, commercial and also institutional buildings. Apart from being responsible for handling design projects, she also manages the general administration of the studio. Other than architecture, she has wide range of interest in art - amongst them are music, graphic design and paper craft - which she believes are important to keep alive in order to inspire more ideas and creativity both in and outside of work.