Black Out Cafe is located in Serpong, intended to be the coziest new hang-out spot in town. The interior design approach is to have a black-and-white theme, as the name suggests it. With the market target of youngsters and college students, the furniture layout and choice for this project is more variable, offering standard dining style, sofa sitting, and bar sitting. With this mixture of sitting choices, completed with foosball table and large number of vintage paintings and decorations, visitors shall feel at home.
 The Forest is a commercial/residential complex situated in North Jakarta. The shop houses and residential houses are located back-to-back, with the view of Java Sea that can be seen nearby. The shop houses are 3.5-storeys high, consisting of 2 different variants. The residential houses and 3-storeys high, featuring modern tropical style. 
Resto stairs view 1 Dayedt.jpg
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 Location: Semarang Status: Proposed Program: 8 floors of rent residential 2 floors of commercial space 2 floors of wellness centre